By combining technology, best practice research, and predictive analytics, the Blue Hen SUCCESS platform helps UD leverage data and manage advising and academic support resources to increase retention rates and improve students’ potential to Finish in Four! Certain faculty & staff, such as academic advisors, are encouraged to frequently leverage the benefits of the SUCCESS platform to schedule appointments, document appointment details, send pertinent academic messages, proactively make referrals to campus resources and much more.

Faculty & staff access to the SUCCESS platform is derived directly from UDSIS access, based on the approved UD roles and responsibilities. Not all faculty & staff have the same roles and responsibilities and, as such, not all faculty & staff have the same Blue Hen SUCCESS access. Please connect with Student Success staff for any questions regarding faculty & staff access.

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Coordinated Care Network (Referrals)

Additional Faculty/Staff Resources

Institution Reports

Faculty/Staff FAQs

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