Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Blue Hen Success platform functionality are outlined below.  For help with additional questions and/or detailed step-by-step information, please contact

Blue Hen Success system access is derived from UDSIS student records access.  Details about UDSIS security & access are available hereAll faculty, even those who are not academic advisors, automatically have access to Blue Hen Success (a limited, faculty-level access only) based on UDSIS instructor class assignments.  Questions regarding UDSIS student records access should be directed to

Once UDSIS access has been granted, the system will refresh overnight and you will be able to log into Blue Hen Success.  Please contact to request Blue Hen Success training.

All UD faculty and staff with the pertinent access to student records per their job duties and FERPA responsibilities can access students records in Blue Hen Success.

All currently matriculated undergraduate and Continuing Education students have access to the Blue Hen Success platform. Graduated or discontinued students will no longer be able to access the platform.  Student access allows students the ability to schedule advising and tutoring appointments but does not allow for the same robust view and access as pertinent faculty and staff.

UDSIS is the university’s official system of record and houses students’ official academic records. UDSIS is to be used in conjunction with Blue Hen Success.  The Blue Hen Success data refreshes overnight, so anything updated in UDSIS will be reflected in the platform the following day.  To access UDSIS from Blue Hen Success click 1st – UDSIS – General under the “Links” section on the right-hand side of a student’s page.

From your homepage: click Issue a Referral under Actions on the right-hand side of the page, input the student’s name or UDID, select the appropriate office, and include any applicable, non-sensitive details.

From the student’s page: click Issue a Referral on the right-hand side of the page, select the appropriate office, and include any applicable, non-sensitive information.

The referral is sent to an identified individual in the appropriate office.  Once handled, you will receive an e-mail alerting you that the case has been closed. As a reminder, Blue Hen Success Referrals are NOT intended for urgent, sensitive, or time-critical referrals.  Referrals to UD Police, the Counseling Center, or Student Wellness & Health Promotion should be made directly to those offices.  Blue Hen Success referral details should NOT include any mention of mental health/medical condition or personally sensitive information.

Click here for a full list of referral areas and example referral reasons.

In Blue Hen Success you can send both individual and mass messages, either via e-mail or text message.  Both methods of communication will be captured under the student’s Conversations on the Blue Hen Success page.  If a student replies to your message you will receive the reply both in your e-mail and in the Blue Hen Success platform.

More info about messaging a student is available here.

The Note feature is simply a textbox for relevant note details but does not include information surrounding the date, time, or duration of the interaction.

The Report on Appointment feature provides both a textbox to record notes as well as details around the actual appointment such as date, time, and duration.  The Report on Appointment feature retroactively creates an appointment.  If using the platform for appointment scheduling do not click Report on Appointment, as this will create a duplicate appointment block, but rather add appointment interaction details to the textbox of the already-scheduled appointment.

More info about Notes and Appointment Summaries is available here.

On a student’s page click Add a Note to this Student on the right-hand side of the screen.  You can tag the note with a Note Reason or attach a file in addition to inputting applicable text.

If you are utilizing the Blue Hen Success scheduling feature or an Appointment Campaign inviting students to schedule with you, use the note-taking space of the Appointment instead of adding a note.

More info about Notes and Appointment Summaries is available here.

For Blue Hen Success scheduled appointments: each appointment has a designated space to input information about the meeting (an Appointment Summary).  You can find the appointment under the Appointments tab and scroll down to Recent Appointments.  Click the radio button next to the appropriate appointment and from the Actions drop-down click Add Appointment Summary to input details or click Mark No-Show.  If the student is marked as a No-Show both you and the student will receive an automatic email notification.

For drop-ins: on a student’s page click Report on Appointment, select the appropriate options from the left-hand drop-down menus, and type directly into the text box.

More info about creating Appointment Summaries is available here.

Blue Hen Success Notes/Appointment Summaries are captured on an individual student’s page under the “History” tab in reverse chronological order.  If desired/necessary, you can filter by Appointment or Note to narrow down the History display.

More info about viewing Student Profiles is available here.

  1. Set up your Availability.  This is how you indicate which days/times/how you are available for scheduled appointments.
  2. Communicate with your Students.  Send them your Personal Availability Link (PAL) so that with one quick click students can access your schedule.  If not using a PAL, make sure to let students know the location for which you have set up Availability (i.e. Arts & Sciences – Dept. Advisor/Faculty) so they can find you in the system and schedule with you.

More info about Setting Appointment and Drop-In Availability is available here.

When students make an appointment you will receive an appointment confirmation, and both the day before and the day of you will receive an appointment reminder. You can set up an e-mail rule so that all of these communications funnel directly into a folder.

Using the Quick Search at the top of the platform, input a student’s name, UDID or e-mail.  Please note that the system pulls a student’s preferred first name as indicated in UDSIS.  As a reminder, faculty and staff have FERPA responsibilities and should only access student records in appropriate need to know situations.

Yes!  If you are a member of the UD community with the appropriate access to undergraduate academic student records yet no access to the Blue Hen Success Resources Drive, please contact for assistance.

The Help Center in Blue Hen Success is not specific to UD, so any questions related directly to the platform’s functionalities should be directed to – we’re happy to help!