To recognize the good work of University staff and their impact on the student experience, the Provost has established the Excellence in Student Development & Success Award. This award serves the following purposes:

  1. To signal the University’s commitment to excellence in promoting student success.
  2. To honor staff who positively impact the holistic development and growth of students.
  3. To stimulate mutual commitment amongst all UD staff to promote student success.

Up to two awards may be given in any one year for excellence in student development and success. Awards may be given to an individual staff member and/or two staff members working collaboratively. Award recipients will receive a $1500 pre-tax monetary prize and will receive special recognition.

Criteria of Excellence

Please nominate individuals who demonstrate excellence in student development and success within one of more of the categories listed below. It is not required that nominees work directly with students as part of their primary role, but their work should have direct impact on the student success experience.

Excellence in Student Development and Success Award Winners

Kasandra Moye, director of the Center for Black Culture; Seth Hunt, preceptor in the Interdisciplinary Science Learning Labs; and Jama Allegretto-Lynch, associate director of the Honors Program were honored with the 2019 Excellence in Student Development and Success Award.

Expands practices to help students further their developmental growth; demonstrates creativity in addressing student challenges; seeks efficiencies; utilizes technology to better support students; identifies best practices; promotes new paradigms and new strategies to further student success.

Works across divisions or departments; aims to build a network of success resources; connects the curricular and co-curricular student experience; broadens student engagement opportunities at UD; exemplifies partnership.

Invests effort in building a positive University-wide community; instills UD pride and traditions; works to expand UD student impact on local and regional communities; promotes concept of community engagement.

Helps to instill a sense of belonging within the UD community; establishes a welcoming environment for all students; demonstrates support for UD goals related to diversity and inclusion; exemplifies commitment to continuous improvement of UD climate, programs, initiatives, and services for students.

Takes active steps to communicate to students that they are valued and cared for as individuals; demonstrates investment in students and student success; is available to provide advice, guidance, and appropriate challenge; assists students with developing goals and achieving their aspirations.

Direct or indirect practices that go above and beyond in supporting students or have measurable impact on student experience; takes initiative to connect students to success resources; works to minimize barriers; utilizes emerging technologies to advance services to students; promotes persistence; provides clear and accessible pathways to student support resources and opportunities.

Strives to further a climate of holistic development; advances the education and practices that lead to a safe campus community; provides excellent support in times of crisis; helps students develop knowledge and skills that further their psychological and physical wellbeing; helps students establish peer groups in which they can thrive.

Rules of Eligibility

  1. Person nominated must be a full-time (exempt or non-exempt) UD staff member. The nominee does not need to have regular, direct or in-person interaction with students as part of their primary role, but their work must have a direct impact on the student experience.
  2. Person nominated must have worked at UD for a minimum of two years.
  3. The nominee has not solicited this award in any manner.
  4. The nominee must be nominated by another UD community member, specifically faculty, staff, or students.

Deadline for Submissions

Nominations for the 2021-22 Academic Year will be accepted in the future. Check back soon for additional information!

Selection Procedures

A selection committee will be composed of the following members:

  • Division of Enrollment Management staff (2)
  • Division of Student Life staff (2)
  • Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs Units (2)
  • Faculty Member (1)
  • Advising/Academic Administrator (1)
  • Undergraduate Student (1)

The selection committee will evaluate nominations and make final recommendations based on the evidence provided in the nominations against the stated criteria of excellence.