The Education Advisory Board (EAB) serves hundreds of colleges and university members by providing members with best practice research and technology to solve today’s higher education challenges. EAB specializes on enrollment management, student success and growth & academic operations. Within their student success services portfolio, EAB offers the Navigate platform. Navigate is a one-stop student success platform that combines predictive analytics with powerful communication and workflow tools to help institutions build a student-centric university that supports, retains and graduates today’s students.

EAB Membership

Faculty, staff and academic leaders can benefit from the UD’s EAB institutional membership. UD belongs to a number of EAB Forums including the Academic Affairs, Continuing and Online Education, Enrollment Management, University Research and the Student Success Collaborative Forum. By creating an account with EAB, UD members can access research, articles, webinars and much more. If you haven’t done so already, login to EAB to create an account!

Student Success Navigate Platform

The Blue Hen Success platform is UD’s implementation of the EAB Student Success Navigate platform.  The platform combines technology, research and consulting to identify at-risk student populations, coordinate resources across campus and analyze student data to inform academic policy and improve student success. Learn more about EAB’s Student Success Collaborative.

Student Success Best Practices Library

EAB has an expansive library of more than 200 best practices from their research related to student success. UD members that have created an EAB account can take advantage of this resource and explore best practices related to next-generation advising, early intervention, career development and much more. Learn more about EAB’s Student Success Best Practices Library.