There are two main features that faculty & staff can document and review pertinent details from interactions with students – the Note feature and the Report on Appointment feature. The Note feature is simply a textbox for relevant note details but does not include information surrounding the date, time, or duration of the interaction. If desired, a faculty/staff member could select to share the Note with a student. If this is selected, it does not notify the student with the Note details but is found within the student’s SUCCESS platform.

The Report on Appointment feature provides both a textbox to record notes as well as details around the actual appointment such as date, time, and duration. The Report on Appointment feature retroactively creates an appointment. Faculty & staff using the SUCCESS platform for appointment scheduling do not need to create an additional Report on Appointment but, instead, should add their note details to the textbox of the already-scheduled appointment. Faculty & staff are encouraged to review the additional resources or connect with Student Success staff for any related questions.

Report on Appointment