Institution Reports can be found within the Blue Hen Success platform by those who have permission to access the reports. Institution Reports provide rapid access to descriptive statistics and assist with insight into historical patterns of undergraduate student performance at the University of Delaware.

Institution Reports Overview

To build the reports, EAB acquired up to 10 years of historical undergraduate data, cleansed the data and uploaded it to the Blue Hen Success platform. The Institution Reports are accessible in the platform via an interactive web-based application with three different categories of reports including Grad Rate by Student Attribute, Course Analysis, and Major Change Analysis. The data is intended to help different stakeholders, such as deans and department chairs, understand opportunities for improvement, to motivate colleagues around those opportunities, and to determine how to use tools, such as the Blue Hen Success platform, to take action to support student success. Although the reports can provide helpful insights, stakeholders should be aware the reports are from historic data from 2006-2013 and may not be of value for departments with majors that are new or that have very small enrollments from that time period. Additionally, the reports are designed to provide historical information for internal discussions with stakeholders –  IPEDS reports and the Office of Institutional Research continues to maintain official and current data for the university.

Possible Insights from Institution Reports

The Institution Reports can help stakeholders gain insight into questions such as:

  • How might I identify students in my degree program that need additional support?
  • How do graduation rates for my students compare with the university as a whole?
  • Which of my majors leave my degree programs and where do they go?
  • What are the key courses for our degree programs and how does success in these courses impact graduation rates?

Institution Report Resources